No-go along the Old Bedford River

Published: Wednesday, 23 November 2016

THE attempt to show that the Old Bedford River was navigable, proved to be unsuccessful when it was attempted in November.

John Revell from IWA's Peterborough Branch took his narrowboat Olive Emily into the Old Bedford River via the Great Ouse at Salter's Lode hoping to reach Welches Dam Lock.

Did not reply

He contacted the Environment Agency asking that the guillotine lock through which he would have to pass, would be left in the raised position, but the Agency did not deign to reply, but he set off in any case.

Though he and his crew made good early progress for about three miles, the sight of a dredger showing that dredging had taken place, the boat then became stuck in cott weed, with the channel so silted there was only a foot of depth.

It was then the attempt had to be abandoned, with no little effort needed to turn the boat around and back into deeper water, also showing that the Old Bedford River is not navigable.