Hoping to cut down canal problems

Published: Monday, 05 October 2009

A NEW scheme is being formed to try and cut down on the amount of vandalism and attacks on the Coventry Canal.

Resident boaters around Sutton Stop at  Hawkesbury Junction with the Oxford Canal are  being invited to join a new scheme to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour along the waterway, prompted by towpath attacks and even setting fire to boats.

It has been organised by West Midlands Police and British Waterways to provide boaters and towpath users with a support network.

Neighbourhood officers, wardens and a British Waterways volunteer will be visiting the area to discuss the scheme. Members who join up to the project will receive updates on crime in the area and will be invited to attend regular meetings and report any problems.

The local police community partnership view is that traditional Neighbourhood Watch schemes help to reduce crime, reassure more vulnerable residents and also encourage neighbourliness and closer communities. They see no reason why the success of schemes on dry land can't be transferred to the community living on our waterways.