Six months later...

Published: Wednesday, 04 November 2009

IT WAS six months ago that the new look narrowboatworld was launched, and so it is perhaps time to ascertain the reaction.

Though initially it wasn't too well received, being entirely different from the well known old format, and also very different to negotiate, since then, and after a few 'tweaks' it has not only regained, but surpassed its former popularity.


The stated six months are actually less than five, for the site had no updates whilst we were cruising both in May and September, but even then it reached its 1,000th published article in late October, not of course including the Forum.  The last article added today (Wednesday) was the 1,047th.

Articles by numerous contributors on a myriad of waterway subjects, which allows us to safely define it as The voice of the waterways...

Verified 206,104 visits

But from a 'low' of 135,942 visits to the Front page during September, owing no doubt to our absence that month, during October our server shows we had a verified 206,104 visits.  It adds the proviso that owing to various circumstances not all visits can be evaluated,  with an estimated 17% unable to be recorded. So your guess is as good as ours as to the actual number.

The supplied monthly verified figures of visits, starting at the first full month of the revised site:

  • May 114,876
  • June 142,618
  • July 164,292
  • August 193,658
  • September 135,942
  • October 206,104