Email: More sense

Published: Wednesday, 09 January 2013

Following the publication of 'Should have more sense', it is worth pointing out that the boater must have travelled against advice, as there is a picture of the boat (Daily Telegraph of Monday 7th) in a lock, needless to say, with at least one rope in the water.

The Environment Agency has 'Red Boards' up at the moment and the advice is for no movement on the river. The incident occurred on Saturday 5th.

Further information on the EA site is that there is a narrowboat sunk above Godstow Bridge, completely submerged, and hard against the bridge. This event occurred in late November and the river is still closed at this point.

Like it or not, I think that it is time that some formal training is put in place for river users to prevent further episodes that are life threatening, not only to the people involved, but their rescuers. Sooner or later, the boat insurers will demand this.

I. Campbell.