'Muslim school' rumbles on

Published: Monday, 15 February 2010

THE possibility of an all-girls Muslim school at a disused mill at Pendle has been thwarted by the Charity Commission.

The commission has decided that a girls' boarding school  by the side of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal would breach the objects of Islamic Help, and the charity must now refund all the donations it has received for the school.

Another attempt

This is another attempt to create an all-girls school for Muslims, not to be confused with the one reported in narrowboatworld at Burnley, also in a disused mill by the side of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

The Charity Commission has told Islamic Help that its plans to build a 5,000 pupils boarding school for Muslim girls are not within its objects and it must return money raised for the project to donors.

More than £350,000 towards the purchase of the mill  had already been pledged, and a call has been made for a full audit of the charity's accounts.