BW to sell over tennants heads

Published: Monday, 23 November 2009
BRITISH Waterways has written to 11 tenants in Sharpness stating it intends to sell their homes by auction, and must vacate in January.

The 11 tenants living in Great Western and Severn Road have been sent a letter informing them they may have to leave their properties in January, with British Waterways informing them it was selling their homes to 'generate money to reinvest in the waterways'.

First refusal

In a statement, British Waterways stated:

"All the properties for sale are let on assured short hold tenancies and each tenant has been given first refusal to buy their property. If a new landlord buys the property no one would have to leave their homes but it would be up to them to decide whether to renew that agreement."

Kelvin Kerr, who lives in one of the houses, complained:

"We were given the impression when we took the place eight months ago that we were going to stay here for good. We've spent £9,000 doing the place up and then we get a letter out of the blue saying they are selling everything at auction."