Overhaul for the Ashton

Published: Friday, 20 November 2009

THE Ashton Canal is in for its winter overhaul with £60,000 being spent on essential work along the waterway.

The maintenance will include the replacement of three sets of head gates along the canal at locks 10, 11 and 12, as well as general grouting repairs to the lock chambers.  Locks 11 and 12 are pictured.

Using skills and techniques passed down by decades of waterway craftsmen,  Helen Hall of British Waterways tells us, British Waterways completes the majority of its annual programme of engineering works over the winter—minimising disruption as much as possible for the millions of people who live, visit or work on and by the canals.

David Baldacchino, Waterways Manager for British Waterways Manchester & Pennine region, explained:

"With the majority of our canals approaching their 250th birthdays, it is essential that we continue with a programme of maintenance to keep them open, accessible and in good order. The waterways have experienced an amazing renaissance in recent years and are now used by more people than ever so it's vitally important that we preserve them for the future."