Another sculpture wrecked

Published: Wednesday, 18 November 2009

CANAL side sculptures seem to be a target for vandals, with now another being wrecked.

This time it is 'Air' the wood carving by the side of the Ribble Link, with vandals having destroyed it completely with parts of it being found in the waterway, and the remaining bits being removed for 'safety reasons', Alan Tilbury tells us.

Both the expensive wooden sculptures by the waterway have now gone, with  the Ribble Piddler first having its toes chopped off, then rotting away, and now 'Air' being destroyed beyond repair.

Both of the sculptures were by Thompson Dagnall, who upon hearing of the damage  told:

"They don't last forever, but it would have been nice if it lasted a bit longer than this. I don't have an awful lot of problems with vandalism but you can never totally stop people from attacking these things."

A spokesman for British Waterways reported:

"The 'Air' sculpture, which was installed along the Ribble Link as part of an arts trail, has been exposed to natural elements which have caused the sculpture to decay. However, during this time, the sculpture was subjected to anti-social behaviour which has subsequently damaged the sculpture beyond repair and the carving has been removed for safety reasons."