Will they roll it on?

Published: Thursday, 21 June 2018

I WAS aghast to read that contractors had closed a mile of canal for the day to attend to trees, writes Helen Cripps.

Does this now mean that 'they' are going to roll in on mile after mile? If so this will have the effect of closing the canal for days on end.

fallen treeHave little idea

I can imagine such contractors, who obviously have little idea of the workings of the canal, cutting the trees on say the southern section of the Staffs & Worcs, closing section after section as they work their way along the canal.  [The photo taken in 2000 was on the Staff & Worcs whilst boats were held up for a short while whilst the tree felling was cleared.]

I wonder if Canal & River Trust made any objection to this new decision?  But no longer using its own people but passing on to contractors I don't expect the people there care very much.

Why make boaters suffer more?

The system of stopping work for a couple of minutes (at most) whilst a boat goes past such work has obviously worked for 200 years with no problems so why make us boaters suffer even more by closing the section were they are working for the day?

I can see it making a right mess of boaters' cruising arrangements.