Boaters blamed for Middlewich breach!

Published: Monday, 18 June 2018

THE Canal & River Trust has issued its most ludicrous statement yet—blaming boaters for the Middlewich breach!

The Trust wants people to believe that all the paddles of both the lock below and above the breach were left open by boaters causing the level in the canal to rise as the overflow could not cope leading to 'over-topping' the bank that then burst.

Middlewich 400Not closed

A trust's spokesman told that the lock paddles on Wardle Lock were discovered open so were then closed, but the paddles on the lock above were left open thus flooding the canal!

What Simon seems to have overlooked is that a boater leaving paddles open, could of course only leave one set open—either on the top gate if leaving going up or the bottom paddles if leaving descending.  Thus as the alternate gate paddles have to be closed to allow operation, there can be no escape of water.

Fast hire boaters

We, as many other boaters, believe that it is accepted that the bank was possibly 'over-topped' as stated, but by the very fast, usually all male, hire boaters from Middlewich in a hurry to get to the nearest pub, as we witnessed during out last cruise on the Middlewich Branch.

With no longer any lengthmen employed, there was no one to witness the constant erosion until it was too late.

Blaming boaters leaving paddles up really is ridiculous.