15 years old canal murder still investigated

Published: Thursday, 12 November 2009

THOUGH it is 15 years since a 13 years old schoolgirl was murdered and her body dumped in a canal, police are still looking for her killer.

Lindsay Jo Rimer left her home in Hebden Bridge on the 7th November in 1994, to visit her local shop, but never returned, and it was not until five months later that her body was found dumped in the Rochdale Canal, Alan Tilbury relates.

There was massive media coverage and investigation by the police but the  murderer was never found.

The officer now in charge of the investigation, Detective Superintendent Colin Prime, of West Yorkshire Police's Major Investigation Review Team, believes there is someone who knows her killer, explaining:

"I firmly believe that someone somewhere could hold vital information that would lead us to the killer.  Although 15 years have passed since Lindsay's disappearance, we continue to seek the vital pieces of information that will bring closure to the investigation and for Lindsay's family."

"It may be that someone has harboured a suspicion for all these years. With the passage of time, someone who was unable to come forward and speak to us more than a decade ago might be in a position to do so now. I would strongly urge them to get in touch."

Over the 15 years since the girl's death over 5,000 people  have been interviewed, with hundreds of statements. Various people have tried to link the murder to a range of different convicted killers but the police have never identified a suspect.