Police took no action on stolen boat

Published: Thursday, 10 May 2018

I WAS not at all surprised to read that the police had not taken action against the man who stole the boat, [London Marathon cheat steals narrowboat] writes Leslie Graham.

There was a boat stolen at our moorings, this again on the Grand Union earlier this year, but the thief was discovered with it, even though he stuck on fancy plastic designs in an attempt to disguise it, no doubt believing that these would confuse anyone looking for it, it then looking so different.

Police did nothing

However it's design was still recognisable and was spotted and reported back to the owner who then reported it to the police who met him at the boat, with the thief still inside.  Though the owner had had the sense to go into the boat and produce all the paperwork clearly showing his name, and bringing identification, the police did nothing about it.

The owner was disgusted as the thief was allowed to just walk away.

It reminds me of the two policemen in Last of the Summer Wine who do everything they can to avoid getting involved with anything that even slightly means getting off their backsides.