Floatel being demolished

Published: Monday, 09 November 2009

WORK started last week on the demolition of the Floatel on the Weaver at Northwich, which closed in January.

Vandals had badly damaged the building, and both the emergency services and environmental health officers agreed it should be demolished as soon as possible.

The hotel closed when its owner, Real Hotel Group, went into administration, with no other interest shown in purchasing the unique floating hotel.

The work, which is expected to last for weeks, is being funded by British Waterways, with its spokesman,  Mike Coates, explaining:

"The hotel was put into place in prefabricated segments and will be demolished in the same way.  Once the site is clear we plan to introduce temporary boating moorings, improving the river.

The council have been putting pressure on British Waterways to remove the Floatel as it is seen as a very good waterfront site.