What's the point?

Published: Thursday, 08 March 2018

THERE is to be yet another 'Boat Owners' Views Survey' by Canal & River Trust, it has been announced this morning.

119y rotten beamIt tells that it is sending out a questionnaire to a third of its boaters to 'share their thoughts about their experience of the waterways' and 'how well they feel the Trust is caring for the waterways'.

What needs extra attention

Jon Horsfall, Interim Head of Boating explains:

“We value boaters’ knowledge and The Boat Owners’ View Survey allows boaters to give us in-depth feedback about what’s working on the waterways and what needs extra attention. It can highlight where things like facilities could be improved across the country, areas that offer a particularly great boating experience, spots that could do with a bit of dredging, and how smooth it is to carry out necessary admin like licensing a boat. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!"

oclaydon lockYet the Trust is well aware of the state of its waterways, with for the first time ever, three main navigations recently 'closed indefinitely', and stoppage after stoppage due solely to lack of maintenance. We were told by boaters of details of work that wanted undertaking that they had suggested but there were still the broken objects months after, with details given in narrowboatworld of unworkable paddles, broken edging and much more that had been the same for years. 

Hardy perenials

And of course the hardy perenials of the virtually unworkable Aston Broad Lock and the bottom gates at Bagnall Lock that will not stop closed, both on the Trent & Mersey Canal—that go unattended year after year, notwithstanding endless Boat Owners' Views Survey's where we are all too often told they have been reported.

So really, what is the point? The point of it all is that it enables the Trust to boast that it had 'consulted its customers'.