Ecologists are the problem

Published: Thursday, 25 January 2018

I hope I can add my two pennyworth to the Frankton Locks [Montgomery Canal] dispute, writes Melody Franks.

The great problem to my mind was allowing the ecologists lot to take over and plant all their plants and such, even to an whole area, then deciding it would all be better without boats. Hence us only being allowed two hours a day to get through the locks.

monty2Plants more important

As to whether or not anyone would see their efforts, tucked away in the middle of nowhere with little access, this was of no concern, the plants were more important.  And ever since the continuing restoration has been thwarted by these self same ecologists. My husband's photograph is of some of the 'important' plants.

It will be a miracle if the complete restoration ever gets done, and boats will still be severely restricted, and the only boats on it will be those 'continuous moorers' who won't pay for moorings.