Boaters shot at

Published: Thursday, 04 January 2018

BOATERS moored on the Weaver have been shot at by youths with an air rifle.

Paul Holden tells us that the boat moored next to him on the river  on several occasions at different locations has informed him that whilst moored below Hunts Lock just outside Northwich at Christmas they were the victims of an attack at 10pm at night by idiots with an air rifle, explaining:

Actually being shot at

"Initially they thought they were under attack by youths with catapults from the far side of the river but discovered when they went out that they were actually being shot at.

"They informed the Police the next day after finding damage to cabin paintwork and were told an armed response team would have been sent if they had reported it the night before.

"Hopefully, this is an isolated incident and I’m grateful the other boater informed me as I was about to move to the same spot which I have now declined to do so."

Boaters are obviously advised not to use the moorings around Hunts Lock for overnight stays.