CC's registering at a surgery

Published: Thursday, 04 January 2018

A couple of tips for Howard and his GP problem. Although he is a continuous cruiser he is, from the NHS viewpoint, 'homeless' and I hope he will not take offence at the use of this term and the unfortunate connotations, writes Martin Cox.

The Care Quality Commission (which, amongst other things, inspects GP surgeries) has published clear guidance on how they expect GPs to deal with registration of 'homeless' people:

Inform the CQC

Howard should let the CQC know of his experience. They will not take personal action but problems like this are raised on inspection visits and, more importantly, will increase the priority for inspection of the practice involved. I appreciate this is not of immediate help.

If presented with the 'closed' list argument you need to ask for contact details of the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) as:

1. They can help to find a local 'unclosed' GP practice
2. It will call the practice's bluff (if it is a bluff) as the CCG will be very interested in finding a practice that has 'closed' their list without notifying them.

 Have taken strong action

NHS England have taken strong action on the question of GP services for 'homeless' as, otherwise, it both increases heath risks and puts pressure on A & E and minor injuries units.