Surely there are plenty

Published: Wednesday, 03 January 2018

I REALLY must comment on the request by the Chesterfield Canal Trust for its members to take pictures of visitors on its towpath, writes Des Wheatley.

In its newsletter to us it states 'We would very much appreciate any photos you have of walkers by the canal, especially groups of walkers, to use in our brochure for our Walking Festival. If you have any that we could use, please reply to this email with them attached'.

Teeming with visitors

That is really letting the cat out of the bag if it has to ask for photographs of visitors when Canal & River Trust would have us believe there are hundreds  [628 per mile per day] every day, so as the canal trust 'looks after' (joke!) 31 miles of the canal, then say yesterday there should have been thousands of visitors, (another joke!) surely the Chesterfield Canal Trust don't have to ask for pictures of them - it is teeming!

I live at Worksop and occasionally walk the canal, but have to confess I've never seen more than a dozen on any one day.