Prefered spot is on lock moorings

Published: Monday, 04 December 2017

INTERESTING to read the latest twaddle from the ivory tower regarding 16ft of space between moored boats, writes Ray Watkins.

fishermen lock mooringsDo they not realise that the preferred spot for fishermen is on lock moorings! There is far more bank space available to them than there are mooring spaces for us owing to the lack of dredging that has taken place since Queen Ann died and the Dutch took Holland, without them needing to sit on recognised moorings.

Do they have a licence?

I would like to know just how many of this happy smiling band actually purchase an Environment Agency licence for non migratory trout and coarse fish as required by law in order to legally drown their maggots, and berate us for having the audacity to pass by them in our boat.

As Oscar Wilde wote: 'The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable.'

Why is it that those who contribute the least demand the most? Cyclists come to mind as well.  Wow, I feel much better for that rant!

Ray Watkins Nb. Slowly.