It takes a week to repair leaking gates

Published: Friday, 24 November 2017

FOR some reason it now takes exactly a week to repair leaking lock gates, with four on the Leicester Section alone taking from Monday to Friday.

Marsworth top LockStill on the Grand Union Canal, this time on the summit pound, it is also taking a week to repair the leaking gates of Marsworth Top Lock, shown in Howard Clarke's photograph.

Done by hand

The gates of this lock have been leaking for some considerable time, with boaters complaining, but at last something is being done.  No doubt two strips will be fastened to the gates to prevent leakage. 

As to the length of time it takes, we were told by a CaRT engineer that it is not possible to use a power saw to cut these hard wood strips, but it has to be done by a hand saw to get a water tight fit.