Motorist terrorised girls on canal bridge

Published: Thursday, 16 November 2017

 A MOTORIST refused to slow down whilst girls were crossing a narrow canal bridge, putting one in hospital.

Two 15 years old girls were walking across the narrow Bridge 177 in Skipton on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, when a fast driving motorist refused to slow down running over the foot of one of the girls, putting her in hospital and bruising the shoulder of the other, Alan Tilbury reports.

Shouted abuse

Mrs Kauser, the mother of the one put in hospital told the Craven Herald that her daughter was walking from school with another girl over the narrow bridge when hearing a car approaching fast, ran to get off the bridge, but could not make it, so as the car did not slow down it caught them, with the car injuring the girls. The driver momentary stopped, opened his window to shout abuse at their being in his way, stuck his middle finger at them then speeded off.

The girls were both terrified with the incident, so being in a state of shock did not get the registration number, but were able to give the police a rough description of the car that was purple and the man white, about 50. Mrs Kauser adds:

“Can all parents advise their children to be vigilant as there are some dangerous and evil drivers out there who don’t really care if they hurt, kill or emotionally scarred children with their actions.”