Environment Agency boat charges will be above inflation

Published: Wednesday, 15 November 2017

THE Environment Agency is to increase its boat charges at above the rate of inflation, it states to make charging simpler.

The current charging scheme for boats is inconsistent across its waterways, including how it calculates the charges and the level of charge for similar types of boat on its various waterways, that was originally set  by historic local legislation.

Can be confusing

The Agency maintains this can be confusing for both customers and its staff, so it is reviewing and updating its charging scheme with the aim of 'creating a simpler more consistent scheme, which is easier for our customers to understand and our staff to apply'.

Boaters using the Anglian waterways pay more than those on the other Environmental Agency's waterways, so these other waterway boaters will have their charges upped to these higher rates, that is way above the current rate of inflation, a result of its consultation with it customers—the boaters!

Transferring to Canal & River Trust

The Environmental Agency is a vast concern handling many aspects as well as its waterways, and is obviously keen to get rid of them, stating:

'We have been working with the Canal & River Trust to support the development of proposals for a possible transfer of our navigation responsibilities and assets to the Trust. This work has included a review of the future costs needed to run and maintain our navigations'.

'Maintain our navigations'...?