More art for the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Published: Friday, 10 November 2017

THE 'Super Slow Way', a programme of art for the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, has been awarded a £1m grant by the Arts Council England’s Creative People and Places programme.

Arts projects had already been awarded £2m that created exhibitions across East Lancashire and has been given a further £1million to bring more art to the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in a second phase, Alan Tilbury reports.

Art LLHigh quality arts programme

Laurie Peake, Project director for Super Slow Way, commented:

"We have exciting plans for the future which we can now put into action. It will enable the project to continue to establish the Leeds & Liverpool Canal corridor flowing through Pennine Lancashire as a place where local communities from Blackburn to Pendle can participate in and enjoy an ambitious, high quality arts programme.

"The grant will allow people to work with artists to create and enjoy work that explores and celebrates what makes this place special.  We have established some great relationships along the canal corridor.”

A spokesman for the Arts Council England tells that over the last two years the Super Slow Way has engaged 40,000 people in the canal side communities as artists, participants and audiences.