Do something realistic about fast cyclists

Published: Wednesday, 08 November 2017

I FIND it very alarming that walkers on the towpaths are being put in hospital by fast cyclists, yet CaRT do nothing about it, writes Alec Holmes.

Yes, I have read about the slogan written on the towpath about cutting speed, which in itself shows that the CaRT is well aware of the speed of some of them, and thus the danger to walkers.

Too dangerous

I used to walk various lengths of the towpath between Beeston and Nottingham exercising my dog and myself in the mornings, it being the only time available, but after so many 'brushes' with fast cyclists heading to work, I don't do it anymore, to put it mildly—it is too dangerous.

I am sure there are many other walkers who have given up on towpath walking for the same reason, so if CaRT so want to impress by the colossal number of visitors it would have us believe it gets, it really should do something realistic about stopping the too fast cyclists.