Only when it suits

Published: Wednesday, 08 November 2017

You may ask what end of garden moorings, or moorings on waters where land is owned by other than CaRT has to do with the recent overtopping of the Erewash Canal, but if what I hear is correct, those moorings may well have, writes Pam Pickett.

As a result of paddles having been raised by vandals on several locks on the Erewash from Gallows Lock down, the canal dramatically overtopped. Sadly, given the history of this canal those anti-vandal locks previously fitted to prevent such an eventuality had not been replaced by CaRT.

Seriously unimpressed

As a result of the overtopping the towpath, several gardens were flooded. One of those gardens contained a workshop, now I’m informed, rendered unusable by the flood. The owner of the garden and workshop it appears was left seriously unimpressed when in contacting CaRT he was informed those flood waters ‘had nothing to do with them’.

So here we have the connection with those end of garden moorings etc. with CaRT maintaining on the one hand the water belongs to it, and on the other hand, when that water misbehaves it does not! Cake and eat it could come to mind here, or perhaps, as the title suggests, that water belongs to CaRT only when it suits!