There is graffiti and graffiti

Published: Monday, 06 November 2017

WE ARE told of the 'fantastic job' the Canal & River Trust do of clearing off graffiti, and that it is a constant battle, writes T. Lang.

By 'Canal & River Trust' it means volunteers of course, as I, and no doubt many other boaters, have seen these unpaid 'slaves' at work scrubbing away.  Little wonder it is for ever begging for more and more of them.

Frog IslandRight mess

But there is graffiti and graffiti.  That around Birmingham and on the Coventry Arm is a right mess, and incidentally some of it is still there years later, but I don't see anyone can complain of the 'graffiti' that you show in Leicester at Frog Island, it is exceptional.

And that by 'Banksy' is exceptional, so unlike those with no talent and little brain, whose only way of expressing their very limited intellect is by scrawling their rubbish over those that have.

Silly poetry

Perhaps CaRT should get away from its negative aspect towards graffiti and be more positive by encouraging decent artists, instead of its silly 'poetry' decimating lock gates.