Speeding to and from work

Published: Monday, 06 November 2017

I don't know if there is an official record of people being hit by cyclists on towpaths, but there is a London website that has listed quite a few, writes Shaun Collins.

I should imagine all cities get such incidents as people are persuaded to leave their cars at home and take to the cycle, so you will get them speeding to and from work on the towpaths.

cyclist bingley2Bingley Five Rise

I well remember the woman getting her leg broken on the towpath by the Bingley Five Rise locks by a cyclist coming down at speed, for I was one of those complaining in the organised protest at the then British Waterways, with notices then being erected at the top and bottom, though we all thought the one at the bottom was a bit silly as no cyclist could speed up there.

But I did not see any of the notices when I last walked by the locks in the summer, so I rang Canal & River Trust and though told it would be looked into, last week nothing had been done, which confirmed that it does not want it known that cyclists can be dangerous.

[The article concerning this incident is at:


and tells of the woman having her leg broken in four places by the speeding teenager.]