CaRT boating consultation does not allow suggestions

Published: Monday, 30 October 2017

We recently completed the so called CaRT boating consultation. (After several phone calls to obtain the email link), writes Stewart Downs.

This so-called consultation is pre-formatted and has no way to introduce new suggestions. We had hoped to add the suggestions below. This is not possible as it is not open to consultation by the boaters most affected by these proposed changes!

Impossible to keep to any time table

Having completed two years of attempting to extensively navigate the system in our retirement, we have found the navigation in a very poor state and almost impossible to keep to any time table. Our first year cost over 5k to repair a bent prop caused by submerged rubbish on the Rochdale Nine.

This year we experienced several stoppages and delays with navigation extremely difficult on the Rochdale (second attempt) and several places on the Leeds & Liverpool. We unfortunately also picked up the diesel bug which we suspect was caused by contaminated fuel purchased on the Leeds & Liverpool.

The level of service

 Calculating what boaters should pay is a complex equation. Users come in many forms from liveaboards to the occasional users and all in between. But the common denominator is the level of service we all receive for our money. Whenever we part with money for a service we automatically expect value for money.

We would like to propose a points system for the services provided by our licence fee. A points system would allow rebate credits for every occasion a service provided did not meet a minimum agreed criteria, and would work as follows:

Unable to navigate no service etc

A. lack water
B. lock not working
C. swing bridge out of action
D. boat damaged by lack of maintenance
E. Elsan not working
F. waste and recycling closed
G.water point not working
H. service sites permanently closed
I. phone contact not answered
J. email not answered
K. poor signage affecting navigation
L. no visitor moorings provided
M. vistor moorings occupied by long term moored boats

Etc, etc! The list is endless.

Each incident encountered by the boater would be logged by the boater and submitted with the following year licence application. A rebate credit would be deducted for every incident where a minimum level of service was not achieved. This would encourage CaRT to provide a quality service to the fee paying licence holders. Forcing CaRT to focus on issues affecting boaters and not the non-paying general public.

 No service—no payment.

(Stewart and Kerry Downs. Nb Blue Griffin)