Death taking selfies on bridge pipe

Published: Friday, 27 October 2017

THOUGH the pipe running alongside the bridge over the canal at Bootle is protected, teenagers are still getting on to it with one falling onto the towpath to his death.

a bootle 2eThe trend is for teenagers to climb on to the road bridge over the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in Bootle and take selfies, but one boy fell off and instead of landing unharmed in the water landed on the hard upgraded towpath, Adrian Fowkes tells us.

At the end of pipe

It is understood the boy was at the end of the pipe where it crosses the towpath and hit his head on the hard surface after he fell.  He was rushed to hospital by ambulance called by another boy at the scene, but was pronounced dead. This is not the first time this has occurred, as a teenager lost his life in the past, with the pipe then being protected from entry.

The boy has not been named.