Danger of unmaintained towpath

Published: Friday, 27 October 2017

THE lack of maintenance of the towpath in Rickmansworth on the Grand Union Canal is causing sinkholes to appear.

Boater, Martin Miller told the Watford Observer that the sinkholes in the towpath near Batchworth Lock pose a danger to walkers and particularly to children during the half-term holiday period, Alan Tilbury reports.

Allowed to disintegrate

Martin is concerned how the towpath has been 'allowed to disintegrate over the past few years, despite repeated requests for repairs directed at the Canal and River Trust', adding:

“It is getting to the point now where it is becoming a complete and utter health and safety nightmare. The authorities just don’t want to know. We are constantly told that nothing can be done. They say all the right things but their concern is just inaction in my eyes, so my frustration has got to this point."

With no lights on the towpath Martin maintains the towpath should be closed on health and safety grounds until the root of the problem is found and fixed.