Sawley tempted to play hell!

Published: Wednesday, 25 October 2017

ONE very disgruntled Canaltime hirer on Sawley Tempted was very sorely tempted indeed to play hell with those at its Sawley Marina base when it sent him through Leicester.

Taking the boat to Gayton on the Grand Union, the people at Sawley gave him the maps to get him there via the Grand Union Canal, but completely forgot to tell him that the Leicester Section is closed indefinitely!

CanaltimeLeicsLearned Leicester Section was closed

It was only when someone working on New Junction Lock before Thurmaston asked him where he was going, that he learned that the Leicester Section was closed after Leicester, so had no option but to turn around and make his way back to Sawley.

He arrived at the base to find it closed, but as the maps for getting to Gayton had been taken out of the boat, he went to the Sawley Marina Chandlery to buy a map, but it was Tuesday so that too was closed, so had no option but to then wait until someone eventually appeared at the Canaltime office  to get the maps, and have a 'word'...

On his way at last

The picture shows him on his way at last, on a different route to get to Gayton telling us that if he didn't make it then Sawley Tempted would left by the towpath—and who can blame him?