It must be catching

Published: Friday, 20 October 2017

With the IWA associating with Canal & River Trust, the Trust's propensity for exaggeration must be catching, writes James Henry.

The IWA has long since accepted CaRT's ridiculous visitor figures as its own, but it is going even more over the top by telling the Observer at Leamington that its policy is to 'protect and restore the county’s 6,500 miles of canals and rivers'. And that is just the county's—not the country's!

No one will believe

So it has leaped from '2,000 miles of waterways' for the whole country to 6,500 miles for just one county! You are making yourselves look as foolish as CaRT, and there will come a time when no one will believe anything from either of you.

And I just wonder really how many millions are going to be spent on the waterways this winter, I doubt the £38 millions we are told.  But even that is well below what it needs.