Sinking and rusting away

Published: Thursday, 29 October 2009

FETED when new, commissioned by BW, but as it never functioned properly, left for years sinking and rusting away on the Grand Union at Bull's Bridge.

Contributor Roger Fox believes it was one of a number of specialized  vessels used on the waterways built to tackle the collection of floating rubbish in the London canals, assuming that this one was intended for larger items as the jib is equipped with large basket jaws.

Left for years

He tells us it had been in this condition for some time, and points out that his picture shows how it was well looked after it, moored at Bull's Bridge outside the junction cottage once occupied by Tam and Di Murrell, since it was left  years ago!

Roger adds that it is worth noting that floating rubbish collection is now undertaken by hand off work flats using large butterfly type nets, so assumes that the mechanisation was a failure.