Lost its tranquillity

Published: Wednesday, 18 October 2017

I WAS interested to read that you had a boat from Mercia at your jetty at Sawley, and I can add that myself and my partner will shortly be following, writes Marcia Parsons.

But not to Sawley, as the closure of the Leicester Section scuppers that, but to Kings Bromley Marina.

Mercia more buildingsFar too busy

Mercia is far too busy for us, getting more like a commercial park every year, with another big building going up for offices and shops, that will bring in more visitors.  Barton Turns too has gone the 'commercial' way, with lots of activity, but Kings Bromley we saw was still nice and peaceful, so when our term expires, off we will go.

When it first opened Mercia was lovely and peaceful with its 'islands' and well spread out moorings, then came the lodges and their residents right by the moorings, with I understand even more in the offing and of course the many cafés, eateries, shops and offices with more going up.

mercia july 13More successful

I can understand the commercial attraction, after all it is a commercial undertaking, and the money from all the businesses will make it more successful, but the actual marina itself has lost its appeal in losing its tranquillity, so we will be following the other boaters who obviously think the same as we do.

But I have to say that there are those boaters of course  who like all the many services now offered by Mercia, virtually everything you need.