Do we believe the PR?

Published: Tuesday, 17 October 2017

REGARDING the licence consultation? Do CaRT really think that we boaters are so gullible that we would believe any PR from them. All the changes to the licence have been decided already, writes John Coxon.

This farce, just like the other PR farce—440,000,000 visitors pa, 100 boats in the Anderton lift per day etc—is a non starter.

Who will see the replies

Who is going to be able to see all the replies? Is any boater organisation (not including the puppets in the IWA) going to be given an unfettered access to the data to check it out?

All this so called consultation is, is an attempt to be able to say that the increases in the licence fee are what boaters wanted. But how do we know that, how can we check that? No, all this farce is deemed to accomplish is an increase in boaters' licence fees to pay for more cycle paths and duck lanes etc.

Fill the hole

CaRT just wants to use the boaters' licence money to fill a hole in its finances. Look at the Bagnall Lock repair for proof of how much it values boaters. Take a walk around the BCN to see how much they value cyclists. And who do you think is paying for it?