A 10 years vision?

Published: Friday, 13 October 2017

WITH the appointment of the new Chairman of the Inland Waterways Association, Ivor Caplan, comes the news of a 10 years vision, writes James Henry.

He tells us about protecting, restoring and inspiring the waterways, with a phrase I found most interesting:

“IWA is uniquely placed given our independence, our wider perspective, and our strong heritage to champion the cause of the waterways to ensure that they never come under threat again and are developed to realise their even greater potential for the benefit of all.”

And of course the Canal & River Trust 'speak':

"Creating an exciting, vibrant and robust restoration sector that can deliver successes and re-openings as well as building on our existing reputation as the ‘go to’ provider of knowledge, advice and resources for waterways restoration projects."

With two major waterways now closed 'indefinitely' and stoppages arriving like confetti, I think the picture of the repaired Bagnall Lock you published, to use your own phrase is 'telling it like it is', and the way the waterways are being allowed to deteriorate there will be little left in 10 years, no matter Ivor's illustrious claims.