Five years old playing by canal...

Published: Monday, 09 October 2017

FIVE years old William Smith was playing by the Stourbridge Canal when he went into the water, going under, but luckily his friend was on hand to save him from drowning.

Morgan Bridgens pulled William out of the canal as he was going under yet again, saving him from being drowned. as the 10 years old managed to reach him, Alan Tilbury tells us.

Rope swing

Like many other children, the pair were playing on a rope swing over the canal in Wordsley, but the rope broke as the five years old was over the water, and he plunged into the water.

Though Morgan had moved away, when he heard the splash he rushed back and was able to just reach William as he was near the bank. He pulled him out by lying on his stomach and reaching his flaying hands as he came back up to the surface again.