Anglers waved me on

Published: Friday, 06 October 2017

I TRIED to moor at Kilby Bridge earlier last month but was stopped by three fishermen who waved me on when I attempted to come in to the bollards, writes Pat Gilbert.

I kept coming in but one shouted at me that it would be an insurance job if I crushed his keep net, and there was an underlying threat to his remarks, but I shouted that it was official mooring space and he should not be there, at which my wife told me not to get involved as there were three of them.

Fishing at KilbyDid not moor

As she is a keen photographer, taking many pictures, she had her camera at the ready and took the attached photograph showing the fishermen before it all started.  She persuaded me not to moor there, but to go over and get water, that I did.

I know it is no use complaining the CaRT, as from previous experience nothing gets done, so as there was only mooring on pins left, we carried on.