Getting away with it

Published: Wednesday, 04 October 2017

I have emailed the Canal & River Trust asking how come a boat can still be on its waters with a licence that expired in 2014, but no reason was given, writes T. Knowles.

I received an acknowledgement to my email that was sent over two weeks ago, but no explanation either then or since has been received.

2014 licenceObviously in use

This boat was moored at Aylestone on the Soar above Leicester and was obviously is use as I have noticed it in other positions both on the Soar and towards Foxton.

On another matter and referring to your recent trip on the Soar, it would do well to remind boaters that the Soar goes into flood very quickly after only a few hours of rain but luckily just as quickly drops, and it is not a good idea to tackle it if rain is forecast. 

Don't trust markers

As I believe you have pointed out in the past the level markers are not to be trusted as they can be red on one lock whilst green on the next!