Surgeries won't sign-up continous cruisers

Published: Monday, 02 October 2017

I FEEL you ought to make it known that it is becoming very difficult for continuous cruisers to sign up at surgeries as many will not accept such boaters not having a permanent address, writes Dianne Wharton.

I have tried now at three surgeries around Birmingham where we cruise, but have been turned away as not being able to give a permanent address.

Having same problem

Other continuous cruisers are having the same problem, with one elderly gentleman being deprived of his drugs for arthritis, that he was able to obtain as he gave a marina address, but as he moved away from the marina as the mooring fees were nearing £3,000 a year that he could not afford, to become a continuous cruiser he has been unable to get signed up anywhere, and yesterday when I saw him he told me he would have to sell his boat.

I looked into the matter for him and myself and have seen in the NHS guidelines that you can register at surgeries without having a permanent fixed address, so am going back to one surgery when we pass next week to show it to them.  Others please take note that as continuous cruisers you cannot be refused at surgeries.