Proposed London ban on wood burning stoves

Published: Monday, 02 October 2017

THE London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, now has his sights on wood burning stoves and is after new powers to ban wood burning in the capital.

The mayor has contacted the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, wanting to introduce a network of 'zero-emission zones' where the burning of wood or coal is completely prohibited, Roger Fox reports.


His plans also include curbing emissions from machinery on building sites, such as diesel-powered diggers, and significantly, boats. Though only boats on the Thames are mentioned, it is expected that those boats on the canals of the city would be included if in the zones, that could have an effect on the many resident boats at present on the waterways of London.

Under the mayor's new plans, councils would get the power to enforce the ban, including the ability to carry out inspections and issue fines, though under the Clean Air Act local councils can already set up Smoke Control Areas where only smokeless fuels should be burnt, or wood is burnt only in 'exempt appliances'.