She knows no better

Published: Monday, 02 October 2017

I MUST comment on Victor's statement about that CaRT committee woman who was mouthing to all and sundry how much better the waterways were under CART, writes James Henry.

As she was a member of a committee she had obviously been subjected to the CaRT propaganda and believed all she was told. I had been handed one of those brochures a while back from I believe a press briefing, being told it was read out complete with projected images by the chief executive.  If the press is subjected to such practice I hate to think what a normal gullible committee member would have to put up with.

Don't know the real waterways

Such people don't know the real waterways, just taking week-end hire along such as the lock-less Leicester Section summit pound, and from Victor's account down and back up the assisted Foxton Flight with its very easy paddle gear.  What would she know about all the stoppages piled on week after week. 

So CaRT say so many are seen to in two days, but that means boaters loose that time, and could be left in a mess. But what about the new week-long stoppages—four on the Leicester Section alone—that you were stopped by?

Give a real perspective

A pity that woman did not travel along the Leicester Section, struggle with the stiff ground paddles, see the near empty pounds and get grounded like you did, then perhaps be unable to get back as all was indefinitely closed.  That would certainly give her the real perspective of todays waterways.

I should think that many boaters are now wary of planning their holiday cruises nowadays, not knowing if they will be allowed to complete them through all the stoppages that are coming fast and furious.