Better on the climb to Napton

Published: Wednesday, 06 September 2017

WE RECOVERED our energy at Warwick’s welcoming Saltisford Arm before tackling the journey back to London, writes Roger Fox.

Good water suppyI am pleased to report that The Ham Baker paddle gear on the climb to Napton Turn is in much better shape than that on the Hatton Flight.

Good water supply

It would be foolish to claim that everything is perfect, but maintenance failure does mean that there is a special CaRT method of ensuring a good water supply down the Stockton flight as the picture of the gates on the top lock illustrates. Perhaps they are trialling it here for other locations?

It is a good thing that no one bothers to use the long-term towpath mooring just above Stockton as the Kate Boats hire base moors their craft four deep across the canal. Certainly there is not enough room left for two boats to cross alongside them.

StuckNon-continuous cruiser

A little further on we encountered a continuous cruiser which clearly has not cruised recently and does not look as if it will do so again in the near future. Its back deck is piled high with car tyres making it impossible to use the rear doors as an escape route. Another continuous cruiser has erected a washing line device in the middle of the towpath. Where is the CaRT enforcement team?

Further on there is excellent news. The Willow Wren restoration of the Nelson Arm at its training establishment seems to be forging ahead with evidence of a lot of dredgings in an adjacent field. Boats are now moored, including steam boat Adamant and a new lift bridge was being installed as we passed.

Nelson Arm Br