What can be done about CaRT?

Published: Monday, 04 September 2017

VICTOR Swift ended his report: Victor: What a load of tosh (narrowboatworld  Sunday, 3 September 2017) with the comment 'Definitely no apology for pointing out the failures of Cart —the way it is treating our waterways is diabolical'. This leaves the question 'what can waterway users do about the situation?' asks Bill Ridgeway.

I was surprised to hear that CaRT not only falsifies statistics but also the claim that it appoints an Ombudsman without ensuring the appointee is truly independent. The situation, in a nutshell is that CaRT can do what it likes and any complaints are dealt with a heavily biased seemingly independent Ombudsman. CaRT becomes judge, jury and executioner.

Return a load of meaningless waffle

In the usual complaints (and legal) process a matter may be referred up the chain. A Freedom of Information request to either CaRT or its Ombudsman is likely to return a load of meaningless waffle. What government body is responsible for CaRT?

Is there an Ombudsman for Ombudsman services? Just how may waterway users get CaRT to behave in a reasonable manner? I think it is time for government to accept that CaRT is not performing properly (either morally or legally) and use the political tool when an organisation is not performing properly of closing it down, wiping the slate clean and starting again. This needs action from ordinary people but how can this be done?