Didn't need glasses

Published: Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A DUCK has been discovered floundering in the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Accrington, with a pair of glasses fast round its neck.

It is assumed the mallard was caught with the lenses less glasses amongst the large amount of rubbish in the canal at the town, with the duck being rescued by animal welfare officers from the RSPCA, using a boat and a specialist net.

It was taken to a vet who treated the duck for cuts to its beak and gave it antibiotics, with RSPCA inspector Mandi Barr remarking:

"It was really sad to see this duck struggling and just shows the devastating effect litter can have on wildlife. Thankfully we were able to rescue him quickly, but, had we not been alerted to his plight, the outcome could have been much more tragic.

"The danger all these things pose to wildlife is substantial, even proving fatal in some cases, and the risk can be prevented by people taking responsibility for their litter. Every animal trapped or injured because someone couldn't be bothered to dispose of their rubbish properly is one more than it should be."