No licence increase

Published: Monday, 26 October 2009

NO, IT'S not British Waterways who are pegging licence fees, but Essex Waterways, the subsidiary company of IWA which manages the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation.

The company stepped in to save the waterway from closure in 2005, and realising the other costs of boating, has agreed to hold off imposing any increases in charges for 2010, with the limited exceptions of six residential moorings at Heybridge, Alan Tilbury tells us.

The board agreed that there would be no increases at the improved moorings at Sandford, in recognition of inconvenience caused by the closure of Stonhams Lock.

Setting an example

Commenting on this decision to peg licence and other charges on the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation, Colin Edmond, Navigation Manager explained:

"We aim to run the waterway efficiently, but always conscious of ensuring that we also represent the interests of the user where ever possible. We hope by imposing a zero increase on fees we can be seen to lead other larger navigation authorities by example".

All boaters suffering the spiralling costs being imposed by British Waterways and the Environment Agency will perhaps remark "If only!"