Nothing there of interest

Published: Monday, 07 August 2017

I DON'T know how they managed 50,000 visitors a year to Standedge Visitor Centre as there is nothing there of interest except a video about the canal and its restoration that lasts about 20 minutes, write Fabia Greaterex.

The rest is a play area for kids, that means with them running about and screeching you can't hear the video that was well presented and interesting, but someone must have realised this as it had sub titles that were certainly necessary.

Waters Edge

There is a little third rate café called Waters Edge, that did not have the decaf I wanted but only has instant coffee, so I did not attempt the food.

We walked from the tunnel along the canal to Slaithwaite, that we found most interesting with lovely scenery, and though there were many locks we were disappointed at not being able to see any boats go through them, but what we did see and what so annoyed us that at both places there were people attempting to persuade us to join the canal trust [Canal & River Trust] who we thought were too intimidating and just would not take 'no' for an answer.